Chinese Heritage Trail

will be an Open Platform and Gateway to collate, publish, share and educate people about the lost forgotten Chinese Heritage in Australia
将会成为收集,整理 宣传和发 布遗落在澳大利亚 中华古迹的平台

Chinese Heritage Trail 中华古迹追寻 FNQ


A unique platform to experience and exploring the lost and forgotten Chinese Heritage in Australia PLUS much more...

Stories are disappearing to quickly

We need to start gathering and telling these stories before they are really lost & forgotten stories that we have never heard of...


The Chinese Heritage Trail 中华古迹追寻 is all about

Publishing your stories

Through an “open source” digital social platform that will act as an inter-active portal or gateway where your stories can either be written or recorded as podcasts.

Sharing your stories

Our platform will include modules/tools for publishing individual or group “Events”, “Blogs”, “Photo Galleries”, “Forums” and “Group discussions” making your stories easy for educating, sharing and circulation.

Saving your stories

Once published your stories will be Forever Saved and used in re-educating about the lost and forgotten history for all future generations.

before they vanish...

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